22 Dec 2011

New Hobbit Trailer

So the first trailer for the new Hobbit movie has finally been released and the only thing I did not like about it was the fact that the film is not going to be released till December 2012. That is a long time to wait.

18 Dec 2011

High Elf Army Shelved

So the original plan to build a High Elf army has been cancelled. The main reason for this is my disappointment with the metal miniatures made by Mantic Games.

22 Sep 2011

How to Make a Miniature Shed using Matchsticks

You will need matchsticks from a craft shop, cocktail sticks, wood glue, thread, brown acrylic paint and a bit of patience. The cocktail sticks and thread are optional, you could do without them but they improve the final result.

21 Sep 2011

The Love Shack!!!

So our diorama is finally complete! It has been a few months in the making, mainly because we lost interest along the way, but we finally got the roof done.

My First Miniatures

Well...er, kind of...these are the first miniatures that I have painted since 1985 or so and thats a long time.

20 Sep 2011

Miniature Oriental Scrolls

A set of printable miniature oriental scrolls designed for use with 28-32mm scale (heroic scale) miniatures.

Scroll 1
Scroll 3

Scroll 2

19 Sep 2011

Printable Miniature Travel Posters

A set of miniature travel posters advertising travel to various fantasy locations, designed for use with 28-32mm scale metal miniatures. 
Rivendell Poster

Duillond Poster

Gondamon Poster

Printable Erotic Miniature Paintings

And a couple of 'erotic' miniature paintings, suitable perhaps for a harem scene, although at 28mm scale, it can be difficult to see what exactly is taking place in them.

Erotic Painting 2
Erotic Painting 1

Printable Miniature Paintings

Although printable miniature paintings are available on some websites, most are in a modern style, and not entirely appropriate for a fantasy/medieval setting. After all, perspective was only invented during the Renaissance. Real medieval art was stiff, two-dimensional and less 'realistic'.

I therefore made this set of printables, derived from Near Eastern and Indian miniature paintings. The figures are two-dimensional, less realistic, and therefore more believable in a fantasy medieval setting. Although they are non-European, this is not readily apparent at 28mm scale, and they can be used for both Western and non-Western settings. They do, of course, fit perfectly into Near Eastern / Arabian Nights settings, or even in a diorama of the Crusades.

Emir's Court

18 Sep 2011

Conan Movie Review

So I finally got to watch the new Conan the Barbarian film, with Jason Momoa starring as Conan. I had gone expecting a pretty bad film, as the reviews that I had come across had been somewhat scathing. However, both my girlfriend and I agreed that the film was actually quite good. 

Of course neither of us had gone with the expectation that it would have some kind of deeper meaning, or social message. If that was what we had wanted, we would probably have been better off going to the theatre instead, or watching a Continental art film with subtitles. But this of course was Conan the Barbarian. We went there with the expectation of an action adventure with lots of violence in it, and that is exactly what we got!

4 Jul 2011

High Elf Army List

The first army that I will be creating is an elven one. This army will be based around the High Elf miniatures produced by Mantic Games (used in the Kings of War system). I chose this range because the figures are compatible with 'true 28mm scale' wargaming figures . The elves stand about 29mm in height, from head to foot.

I will be using the metal Palace Guard and Elven Archers for the foot and Stormwind Cavalry. An Elf Lord with a Battle Dragon will serve as the command figure. No Drakon Riders however. I just don't like the look of those models.


No Quarter Wargame

NO QUARTER is a free rules system for fighting fantasy battles with 28-32mm miniatures. It is a simple yet elegant system that can be used for playing tabletop wargames. The No Quarter wargame uses an alternate unit activation turn sequence in which players take turns to activate separate units and use them in battle. Because players are free to create their own army lists and model profiles, the system can be used to play with plastic and metal miniatures from a variety of manufacturers at the same time. The system can also be easily adapted for playing historical wargames in the Ancient and Medieval periods.