19 Sep 2011

Printable Miniature Paintings

Although printable miniature paintings are available on some websites, most are in a modern style, and not entirely appropriate for a fantasy/medieval setting. After all, perspective was only invented during the Renaissance. Real medieval art was stiff, two-dimensional and less 'realistic'.

I therefore made this set of printables, derived from Near Eastern and Indian miniature paintings. The figures are two-dimensional, less realistic, and therefore more believable in a fantasy medieval setting. Although they are non-European, this is not readily apparent at 28mm scale, and they can be used for both Western and non-Western settings. They do, of course, fit perfectly into Near Eastern / Arabian Nights settings, or even in a diorama of the Crusades.

Emir's Court



Battle Scene

All of these images have been modified so that they should print out directly from the web at a size appropriate for 28-32mm (heroic scale) figures. If you only want to use one image, just right click on it, choose 'Open Link in New Tab' and then print.

The images can be printed out on ordinary printer paper and stuck on to a bit of cardboard to give the impression of having been mounted. For those depicted without a frame, a small frame can be made from strips of cardboard about 1mm thick, painted black or dark brown. I would recommend painting the strips and allowing them to dry first before sticking them onto the paintings, in order to avoid smudging.

Alternatively, the images can be printed out on art canvas paper, to give the impression of having been painted onto fabric. These can be stuck on to a cocktail stick to look like hanging tapestries. Click here and scroll down for a tutorial on how to make a hanging tapestry using a cocktail stick and a couple of beads.

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