Free Miniature Printables for 28-32 mm Scale

Here are some printable accessories for 28-32 mm (heroic scale) miniatures. All of these images have been modified, so that they will come out at exactly the right size for 28-32mm figures when printed out on a home printer.

If you only want to use one or two of these and not waste precious coloured ink by printing out the entire web page, simply right click on the image you want to use, choose 'Open Link in New Tab' and then print out that page (which should appear with just the selected image) onto your home printer.

The image should come out at a size appropriate for use with 28-32 mm scale miniatures.

Middle Earth Map

Playing Cards

Missing Cat Poster



Tarot Cards

Backgammon board

Wanted Elf Poster

Sheet Music

The gaming boards should first be stuck on to some cardboard to give them a firmer appearance before being cut out. The playing cards and tarot cards can be stuck on to coloured paper to give them a uniform appearance on the reverse side.

These printables are ideal for making small items that can serve as "household clutter" that will give a house or room a "lived-in" look, and add realism to your dioramas. You can see an example of this in my miniature hobbit-hole.

Miniature Paintings
Miniature Paintings

Click here for printable miniature paintings that can be used in a fantasy-Oriental setting.

A couple of erotic miniature paintings are also available here.

Miniature Oriental Scrolls

A set of printable miniature oriental scrolls for use in fantasy Oriental settings are available here.

Miniature Travel Posters

For a set of miniature travel posters for fantasy medieval settings, click here.

Miniature Pamphlets
And a set of miniature pamphlets can be found here.

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