20 Sep 2011

Miniature Oriental Scrolls

A set of printable miniature oriental scrolls designed for use with 28-32mm scale (heroic scale) miniatures.

Scroll 1
Scroll 3

Scroll 2

Scroll 4
Scroll 5

These are ideal for use in fantasy Far Eastern settings (a Khitan scene in the Hyborian world for instance).  The first two scrolls can be used to represent notices, or protection scrolls. Scrolls 3, 4 and 5 can be used as representations of deities, and hung up as protection scrolls, or as decorations in a temple scene.

And finally, these last two images can be used to make papyrus scrolls, which would fit in well in fantasy Egyptian scenes.
Papyrus Scroll 1
Papyrus Scroll 2

For instructions on how to print these out from your home computer, go to this page.

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