15 Sep 2012

Raging Heroes Blood Vestals Review

Raging Heroes are a new company making 28mm scale miniatures using 3D computer technology. Most of their figures are designed to be used in place of official Games Workshop miniatures. The Blood Vestals discussed in this post, for example, are clearly meant to represent Witch Elves from the Warhammer universe. Similarly, their flagship Asharah figure is supplied with three different heads that allow her to be used as a heroine for either a Dark Elf, Vampire Counts or Chaos army. Other Raging Heroes figures that are obviously designed as alternatives for Warhammer include their Mantis Warriors (Chaos Daemonettes) and a Dark Elf Sorceress.

12 Sep 2012

CYCLADES: DEVELOPMENT Expansion for the Age of Conan Board Game

This is an expansion for the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game that introduces a new set of game components, represented by tokens and cards from the Cyclades Board Game. The tokens are used to represent buildings and a metropolis. The cards represent priests and philosophers.

The Age of Conan board game actually consists of three mini-games incorporated into an overall game. This expansion adds more complexity to the game, and involves developing players’ home provinces.