31 Jul 2012

Miniature Ceramic Bowls for 28-32mm Scale

As I discussed here, clay pottery was used  for a variety of purposes in pre-modern societies, and adding miniature ceramic objects like bowls and jars is a great way to make your dioramas more realistic.

This is my girlfriend's method for making a miniature bowl and it is very easy. You only need some appropriately coloured polymer clay and a craft instrument with a rounded tip. The bowl will be formed around the tip, so get an instrument that is appropriately sized.

15 Jul 2012

Printable Miniature Greeting Cards

The nice thing about designing a Hobbit hole diorama is that you can include little things that might appear out of place and even a little anachronistic in most other fantasy-medieval settings. Take greeting cards, for example. One would not expect to see these in a medieval castle, or even an elven haven. But we all know, of course, that hobbits celebrate their birthdays by throwing parties, and like giving away presents. We also know that they take great pride in writing letters to their friends and relatives. So it only seems natural that they would send each other birthday cards as well, although these may not be printed but hand-drawn.

Greeting Card 1

Hand-drawn Card

Greeting Card 2