10 Jan 2012

Wrath of the Titans Trailer

Alright so its not exactly High Fantasy, but still interesting as it has gods, heroes, monsters...and a CYCLOPS!!

Liam Neeson is Zeus

I don't really like Sam Worthington, but at least this will be a lot better than Percy Jackson (yuck!)...

I have also never felt comfortable with Liam Neeson in the role of Zeus. Somehow, he just does not come across as being regal enough. Not in the way that Laurence Olivier was in the same role, for example.

Just look at that pained expression on his face. After all, this is the King of the Gods, not some whiny Goddess of Love and Desire or overbearing God of War that we are talking about here. Perhaps this is simply a result of the bastardisation of the ancient Greek myths by tasteless television programmes like Xena and Kevin Sorbo's Hercules, in which Zeus has been portrayed as some kind of stereotypical villain who has really strong superpowers, rather than the majestic King of Heaven that he is in the Greek myths.


  1. looks cool, soundtrack could be better though

    1. Very true. That is just not the right music for a mythological fantasy.