Scale Comparison Pictures

One problem that miniature collectors face is that different manufacturers produce figures that are larger or smaller than others. So, for those of us who like having miniatures that look okay when ranged together, it is useful to have such scale comparison pics.

Left to Right: Perry Crusader Muslim, Mantic High Elf, Warlord Celt Chieftain and Hasslefree Villager Barwench.

Left to Right: Raging Heroes Blood Vestal, Hasslefree Kalee, Mantic High Elf, Avatars-of-War Barbarian Hero

Left to Right: Gamezone Orc, Raging Heroes Blood Vestal, Avatars-of-War Barbarian Hero

Left to Right: Perry Saracen, Hasslefree Villager and Warlord Celt.

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