29 Dec 2012

Fag End: Drongo's Room (WIP)

Our hobbit friend Drongo Faggins, whose front garden we took a look at the last time, spends a lot of his time lounging around in this room. Although, like all hobbits, Drongo does enjoy reading, he is not quite as intellectual as his distant cousin Bilbo, and his reading matter does not consist of scholarly treatises or great works of literature. Instead, Drongo prefers the livelier pamphlets that are circulated in his neighbourhood, many of which can be found strewn around his little hobbit-hole.

Drongo's Room

15 Dec 2012

Some Additional Thoughts on the Hobbit Movie


The release of the new Hobbit movie has led to a great deal of angst on the internet about its “serious” deviations from the storyline in Tolkien’s book. Purists seem to be especially unhappy with the appearance of the orc-chieftain Azog, who is supposed to have been killed long before the events described in the book take place. Much of this complaining, however, as I shall demonstrate, is based on a simplistic reading of Tolkien. It is also the result of a failure to think in depth about the nature of Tolkien’s work, and, in particular, about the role of the narrator in it.

13 Dec 2012

The Hobbit Movie Review

Go and watch this film! Do it now! Do not wait for payday. Do not wait to read anymore reviews before going. And do not worry about all the whingeing and complaining there has been about it in the media.

12 Dec 2012

Fag End: a Not-so-Posh Hobbit Hole (WIP)

So with all the excitement about the new Hobbit movie over the last few months, I decided to have a go at building my own little hobbit hole in 28mm scale. Unfortunately, progress has not exactly been rapid in the construction of Fag End, due to numerous constraints, and only the front entrance, mounted on an MDF base, has been completed so far.

Fag End

11 Dec 2012

Printable Miniature Pamphlets

Like greeting cards, pamphlets are another set of items that would fit nicely in a hobbit-hole, as hobbits are comparatively well-read creatures. One can easily imagine an educated hobbit like Bilbo Baggins, for example, reading and chuckling over a well-written pamphlet.

Pamphlet 1
Pamphlet 2