11 Dec 2012

Printable Miniature Pamphlets

Like greeting cards, pamphlets are another set of items that would fit nicely in a hobbit-hole, as hobbits are comparatively well-read creatures. One can easily imagine an educated hobbit like Bilbo Baggins, for example, reading and chuckling over a well-written pamphlet.

Pamphlet 1
Pamphlet 2

Pamphlets were first used in the Middle Ages to circulate copies of shorter literary works like poems. The term comes from the name of a twelfth-century poem titled "Pamphilus", which was written in Latin. Later, pamphlets were used to make political and religious arguments. The earliest pamphlets were written before the invention of printing, and would have been copied by hand, like medieval books.

To make one of these printable pamphlets, just print one out, and then carefully fold it over so that it looks like the front and back covers of a pamphlet. You can also fold it a second time so that it lies folded over like a newspaper.

If you want to make a thicker pamphlet, simply cut out another copy and fold two copies together to form a single thick pamphlet. Use this third printable if you want to have part of the middle pages sticking out.
Pamphlet Middle

I first got the idea for making these while watching Cyrano de Bergerac (in the scene at Rageneau's Bakery), so here is an alternative printable to make the cover of a verse pamphlet.

Verse Pamphlet

All of these images have been modified so that they should print out directly from the web at a size appropriate for 28-32mm (heroic scale) figures. For instructions on how to print these out from your home computer, go to this page.

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