29 Dec 2012

Fag End: Drongo's Room (WIP)

Our hobbit friend Drongo Faggins, whose front garden we took a look at the last time, spends a lot of his time lounging around in this room. Although, like all hobbits, Drongo does enjoy reading, he is not quite as intellectual as his distant cousin Bilbo, and his reading matter does not consist of scholarly treatises or great works of literature. Instead, Drongo prefers the livelier pamphlets that are circulated in his neighbourhood, many of which can be found strewn around his little hobbit-hole.

Drongo's Room

This room will eventually be built into the side of a hill, and its interior will only be visible through the large window to the side. This is why the back of the outer wall has been left unpainted.

Note the printable items

Three of the items in this room were made using printables from this blog - the chequer-board on the table, the folded over pamphlet lying in the corner and the round portrait of a charming hobbit lady hanging on the side wall.

And here is a nice little armchair for Drongo to sit in when reading his little pamphlets...

"Tea?? Or maybe something a little stronger?"

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