12 Dec 2012

Fag End: a Not-so-Posh Hobbit Hole (WIP)

So with all the excitement about the new Hobbit movie over the last few months, I decided to have a go at building my own little hobbit hole in 28mm scale. Unfortunately, progress has not exactly been rapid in the construction of Fag End, due to numerous constraints, and only the front entrance, mounted on an MDF base, has been completed so far.

Fag End

The round door-frame was made out of a cylindrical cardboard core, while the surrounding timbers are actually matchsticks, as are the timbers around the vegetable plot. The door itself was made out of a piece of scrap wood, and the door knob is just a bead painted over with Vallejo Acrylic Bronze. The strawberry-plant in the vegetable plot was made with oregano leaves stuck on to a small scrap of a scouring pad painted green, and the little strawberries were made out of Fi-Mo.

The eventual plan is to place this entrance on the side of a low hill, but it will probably be some time before the plan is translated into reality.

The owner of Fag End is one Drongo Faggins, a hobbit not quite as wealthy nor as well-heeled as the famous Bilbo Baggins of Bag End. Unlike Bilbo, Drongo is a simple hobbit, and as simple-minded as they come. He lives in Fag End with his partner Sozza, whom he has never quite gotten around to marrying. If Drongo lived in a country where you could claim benefits, he would probably be the first hobbit in the queue at the local job centre. But, as there is no such provision for idle hobbits where he lives, Drongo has to make do as best he can. Hence the vegetable plot in front of his hobbit-hole.

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