21 Sep 2011

The Love Shack!!!

So our diorama is finally complete! It has been a few months in the making, mainly because we lost interest along the way, but we finally got the roof done.

The view from above. You can see that it is like a log cabin, with the roof made out of a layer of logs (twigs!), and a small porch over the doorway. The little blob on the roof is a bird's nest, but the birds that live in it haven't laid any eggs yet (but they soon will!)

The pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were made out of polymer clay, and the pumpkin plant using a scouring pad and oregano leaves.

A nice log out back where one can sit and contemplate the world...as long as there aren't any orcs about

A spirit-charm by the doorway keeps evil spirits at bay

"Who goes thar? Show yersself, yer consarned varmint

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