17 Apr 2013

The Musa Izly Cantina: First Layers of Papier-Mache

Work continues apace on our papier-mache adobe house. Two layers of papier-mache so far, and fortunately the house is yet to show any sign of crumbling.

We have also been casting about for a suitably stylish name for the place. Since I plan to have a couple of benches and a table just outside, I thought it might be an idea to turn this into a small village cantina of sorts. In keeping with the Middle-Eastern theme, we considered something like Kaseem's Place, or Yasmina's Cantina. One friend even suggested The Happy Hookah, but we decided that that was a bit too risqué.

So eventually, we decided that the place will just be a small, traditional village joint, known simply by the name of its owner. And since the owner of this place is a nice fellow named Musa, whose father was called Izly, it will be known as the Musa Izly Cantina.

(And if you don't quite get that particular cultural reference, I have an old DeLorean from 1985 parked out back that can take you to 1977...)

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