22 Apr 2013

The Musa Izly Cantina: Papier Mache Layers Done

Good progress on the Musa Izly Cantina, with the papier-mache layers almost complete. The newsprint layers are finished, and all that remains to be done is a bit of touching up with some tissue paper.

There was a major problem with the fiberboard base though, because when the last layer of papier mache had dried, we noticed that it had become slightly warped upwards! This would have been a serious problem because the eventual plan is to add this structure to a massive 4' by 6' diorama that we have been planning for some time. Obviously, it would be quite difficult to blend in a terrain piece set on a board that was warped upwards.

Fortunately, help was forthcoming from the web community, and after a few tearful pleas on my part, we received numerous suggestions from some very nice people (our heartfelt thanks to everyone who offered their ideas and suggestions!!) on the forums. Eventually, we managed to straighten the board by wetting the opposite side and then placing it on our kitchen table with a pile of heavy books on each side to keep the board flat. This morning, it is straight as an elven arrow.

The house itself is remarkably firm and rigid, and my fears that the cardboard frame would collapse seem to have been unfounded. Here is a view of the water-tank, with the ugly metal bit completely covered by a layer of papier-mache.

And a view of the back of the house. The wooden beam running across the structure is a kebab skewer, cut down to the correct size and held in place with wood glue and papier-mache buttressing. It is meant to act as a support for the roof of the building.

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