2 May 2016

It's alive!!!!!

And so it goes.

For anyone who has not watched Episode 2 of Season 6 yet, STOP READING NOW!!!

As I had thought, the return of the Red Woman to Castle Black at the end of the last season was no mere coincidence, but the Lord working in mysterious ways (the Lord of Light, that is). What a gripping end to an absolutely gripping episode. Roose Bolton stabbed to death by that bastard Ramsay (Serve the bloody bastard right!) and the Viceroy of the Iron Islands hurled to a watery death (Well, King actually, but Indian Summers does make you view Theon's dad in a very different light). Dragons unchained in Mereen.

But nothing in comparison to that final scene. You could feel the disappointment in that room, as the bearded Wildling, and then Jon's buddy, and then the Red Woman left, thinking that the ritual had failed. Davos looking over the body and half-shaking his head. Then Ghost looks up with one eyebrow raised. Amazing. Now, with Sansa headed to Castle Black, we can look forward to the Clash of the Bastards.

Too bad the Red Woman could not have been in Winterfell instead of Castle Black, though.

"Ramsay! What have you done to my wife and son??"

And we thought we hated bloody Joffrey...

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