26 Mar 2013

Fag End: a Bookshelf for Drongo

Although our friend Drongo can hardly be described as an intellectual, he still does own a few old books, and so I thought it would be nice to make him a little bookshelf.

The bookshelf was made out of strips of cardboard, stuck together and painted dark brown to look wooden. The candle is actually just a segment of a cocktail stick, and the wick was made out of a bristle taken from an old-fashioned shaving brush, stuck into the middle of the stick. The books were made using a method I found in Abaroth's World.

The shelf is meant to stand in Drongo's Room, but I have photographed it separately because it will have its front facing the large round window (which is the only opening through which the entire room will be visible eventually).

The shelves looked a little bare, so I thought it might be an idea to put up an old birthday card that Drongo received from one of his nephews last year.

Still looking very bare though, but I just can't think of what else a hobbit might leave lying around on a bookshelf. Maybe some jewellery, like a ring? Nahhhh!


  1. a very nice bookshelves !
    perfect for Drongo! (even if it's a strange name for a Hobbit!!)
    I must have a new visit in Drongo's hole!

    1. Yes you should drop in for a cup of tea and some seed-cake. We're still doing some building work in the hole, but I will let you know when its all done so that you can come visit.

      Drongo is an Australian slang term, by the way.

    2. I follow your blog, I'm waiting for the advancement of the project!
      Will take a cup of tea and.. her... some cakes, but not too much cakes, just 1 or .... her........ more... don't know exactly....

      Do "Drongo" have a special meaning ?
      I've found !! (thanks Wikipedia!) that it is something like "idiot" ... not very smart for a Hobbit, in my opinion!
      I've found also that it's a bird with some species leaving in Australia!

    3. Yup thats the meaning - its apt for Drongo as he is meant to be a bit of a simple-minded fellow

      Actually I derived the name from Drogo, which is supposed to be the name of Frodo Baggins' father. Just added an 'n' in there for a bit of a laugh!!

    4. DROGO !!! I was thinking that it could be something like that!!!
      Didn't remember exactly that was Frodo's father !
      shame on me: I'm a "Drongo" !!