14 Mar 2012

Game Concept Explanations for the RAVENLOFT Expansion for Age of Conan

Why were Alissa and Kat chosen for this expansion instead of the other heroes?
The Hyborian world does not contain Elves and Dwarves like the Middle Earth of Tolkien. This makes the two human characters from Castle Ravenloft the most suitable for use in the Age of Conan game.

Why is bidding for the Ravenloft Heroes done with the same bidding tokens and cards as for Conan?
The Ravenloft Heroes are designed to be used to balance the advantages gained by the Conan Player for controlling Conan. Using the same tokens makes it unlikely that the same player will be able to control both Conan and the Ravenloft Heroes at the same time, as players will have to choose whether to use their high value bidding tokens for one or the other.

Why do the Ravenloft Heroes not affect Military Contests?
Unlike Conan, the two Ravenloft Heroes are not skilled military commanders, and cannot lead armies into battle.

Why is it not possible for player armies to attack the Ravenloft Villains?
The Ravenloft Villains are highly intelligent and crafty. They will avoid direct confrontation with a player army, as they know that they cannot stand against an entire army and survive. For game purposes, each Villain is considered to have a hidden stronghold (or, in the case of the Werewolf, to have his human identity secret) and therefore able to avoid direct conflict with player armies. Conan and the two Ravenloft Heroes, on the other hand, are considered to be skillful enough to hunt down the Villains and engage with them in personal combat.

Why are the two Ravenloft Heroes able to distract Conan and take Artefacts away from him, but not vice-versa?
This is designed to reflect Conan's well-known generosity towards beautiful women. Both Alissa and Kat are attractive young women, and Conan will always choose to spend some time carousing with them instead of attending to whatever duties assigned to him by his present employer.

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