4 Jul 2011

High Elf Army List

The first army that I will be creating is an elven one. This army will be based around the High Elf miniatures produced by Mantic Games (used in the Kings of War system). I chose this range because the figures are compatible with 'true 28mm scale' wargaming figures . The elves stand about 29mm in height, from head to foot.

I will be using the metal Palace Guard and Elven Archers for the foot and Stormwind Cavalry. An Elf Lord with a Battle Dragon will serve as the command figure. No Drakon Riders however. I just don't like the look of those models.


No Quarter Wargame

NO QUARTER is a free rules system for fighting fantasy battles with 28-32mm miniatures. It is a simple yet elegant system that can be used for playing tabletop wargames. The No Quarter wargame uses an alternate unit activation turn sequence in which players take turns to activate separate units and use them in battle. Because players are free to create their own army lists and model profiles, the system can be used to play with plastic and metal miniatures from a variety of manufacturers at the same time. The system can also be easily adapted for playing historical wargames in the Ancient and Medieval periods.