23 Dec 2013

Desolation of Smaug Petition

This didn't take long to appear, but someone has started a petition to get Peter Jackson to redo The Desolation of Smaug. Yes, even if it gets a million signatures, it will probably not prompt him to make a new version of this film, but it will at least give him an idea of just how many people out there dislike what he has done with the source material.

Peter Jackson: Redo The Desolation of Smaug Petition | GoPetition

Or, if there are enough signatures on this petition, perhaps it might just convince him not to continue inserting his own poorly-written storylines into what is already an excellent tale.


  1. interesting !!
    not sure that it could be efficient, but it's pleasant to see that some people want to fight the stupidity and the arrogant way of treating the spectators simply as idiots unable of thinking!

    1. as i said in the post, it is probably not going to make him do a new version of 'Smaug' -

      but i don't think Peter Jackson is stupid - probably just has let success go to his head leading him to think his own invented storyline is in the same class as Tolkien's book - my guess is that he will probably be looking at all the feedback about this film and will modify how he presents the third film accordingly - if you remember, i did quite like the first Hobbit film, and hopefully, he will give us a better third film -