18 Dec 2011

High Elf Army Shelved

So the original plan to build a High Elf army has been cancelled. The main reason for this is my disappointment with the metal miniatures made by Mantic Games.

Unfortunately, the quality of their High Elf miniatures is not quite as good as I had expected.

High Elf Archer from Mantic Games

So far, I have obtained their High Elf Archers, Palace Guard, Stormwind Cavalry and a High Elf Lord on a Dragon. Sadly, the sculpting of these miniatures is variable, and not always good. Some figures are so badly sculpted that it is difficult to decide where one article of clothing ends and another begins. With the High Elf archers, for example, there are some areas where it is difficult to decide whether it is part of the archer's armour, or an article of clothing underneath.

The only good ones in this range are the Palace Guard figures sculpted by Kev White, who also owns Hasslefree Miniatures.

So, sorry Mantic, but I will not be expanding my collection of your figures any further. Instead, I will be building up a fantasy Middle-Eastern army instead, which will be built around the Perry Miniatures Saracens range. These will fight against my girlfriend's Orc army, which will be built around the Orcs from Gamezone Miniatures. Both of these ranges are beautifully sculpted. The Orc Boar-Riders from Gamezone are particularly delightful.

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